Regenerative design reverses the environmental damage done by human activity and the built environment using nature and natural processes.

NurtureStructure is at the forefront of the research and development of regenerative design systems that can transform our environment and daily lives into being part of environmental solutions, not problems.

For most of the history of development, a divide has been created between where humans settled and the surrounding natural world. Buried and damned waterways, seafront barricades, buffer zones, land reclamation – a strange us vs them tension has existed between man and the natural environment.

Modern man does not experience himself as a part of nature but as an outside force destined to dominate and conquer it. He even talks of a battle with nature, forgetting that, if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side.

Ernst F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful

NurtureStructure is working to reverse the built environment’s relationship with nature by developing a new line of restorative designs, methods, and products guided by permaculture principles. A great deal of our work is on researching and developing regenerative infrastructure.

regenerative design

Regenerative Infrastructure

Infrastructure that integrates nature and natural processes within the necessary systems of our cities, communities, and daily lives. We are focusing on restorative design elements that “plug in” to existing structures and environments to provide resourceful solutions to ecological problems.

We have a deep pool of regenerative design experience to draw from from in this pursuit. For years, NurtureStructure founder Scott Burnham has led the global Reprogramming the City initiative. Reprogramming the City works to repurpose urban structures, surfaces and systems, and show how they can be re-imagined, re-purposed and re-invented to do more in the city. 

Transforming a fire hydrant into a public drinking fountain.

Reprogramming the City has worked in numerous cities around the world to apply regenerative design to the existing physical assets of the city – regenerating existing urban structures, systems, and spaces to perform new functions to benefit urban residents and improve wellbeing.

Through workshops, exhibitions, and keynote talks, Scott Burnham has successfully changed people’s perceptions of the potential held by the existing urban landscape.

NurtureStructure is a natural extension of Burnham’s work, illustrating the power regenerative design can have on our domestic, community, and urban spaces by placing nature and natural processes at the heart of everything we create and the actions we take.

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