NurtureStructure provides permaculture design services that transform personal, public, and urban spaces into living, regenerative terrains that can improve the environment and increase wellbeing.

Learn about our new permaculture design service for 2022: Carbon-Reducing Gardens!

New to permaculture? Not a problem. Our article “What is Permaculture?” is for you.

From balconies to alleyways, any size plot or space can be transformed into a natural wonder.

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Domestic Spaces

Patios, terraces, decks, lawns, gardens – our permaculture design services are transformative at any scale. Whether you want to weave some healing green space into a small space or completely rethink how your property can work in greater harmony with nature, we provide the solutions you need.

Community Spaces

We specialize in identifying overlooked, under-appreciated spaces in communities and turning them into areas of natural abundance to provide food, spices, enjoyment, and increase the wellbeing of everyone.

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Urban Spaces and Structure

We have decades of experience re-imagining and repurposing existing urban spaces, structures, and infrastructure to perform additional functions to improve the lives of everyone in the city.

Our permaculture services are led by Certified Permaculture Design Consultant Scott Burnham. In addition to his work with permaculture design, Burnham is a leading author and expert on resourceful, resilient design strategies to maximize the potential of what you already have in your personal and professional life.

Please get in touch with any questions or enquiries about how we can transform your surroundings into areas that benefit nature and your own wellbeing.

We operate primarily in the Greater Boston area and southern New England, but are always glad to do video workshops or consultations with those further afield.