To kick off Spring the right way, NurtureStructure is offering a special permaculture design service: Carbon-Reducing Gardens.

With the right selection of plants and a permaculture-based system that plants them in relationship to each other, carbon eating gardens can be part of the larger movement to remove carbon from the atmosphere and draw it into the soil where it can be digested and turned into nutrients.

Our Carbon-Reducing Garden designs not only help you reduce carbon in the atmosphere but also reduce your own carbon footprint. By weaving core permaculture principles into our designs, we eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or the need for plastic fences and netting.

Want to know more about how permaculture design can create carbon-reducing gardens? Our article 5 Ways to Reduce Carbon with Permaculture is for you.

We can help you be part of the carbon-reducing solution.
Please get in touch to find out how.

Carbon Eating Gardens
Carbon-Reducing Gardens – beautiful for you, beautiful for the environemnt.