Many people have a strong desire to age in place – to live in, and with, their home and property as they grow older. We provide a specialized permaculture design service uniquely suited to help you fulfill that wish.

We design gardens, spaces, and natural systems that will grow with you and adapt to your abilities as time progresses. Planning (and planting) for the future isn’t just something we do, it is one of the core Permaculture Principles.

Age in place with permaculture

Studies have shown that “everyday contact with nature” significantly improves the quality of life and wellbeing of older adults. 

One study focused on the quality of life for seniors between the ages of 65 and 86 found that simple interactions with nature like “hearing the sound of water or a bee buzzing among flowers, can have a tremendous impact on overall health.” The same study noted that having access to nature and green spaces motivates seniors “to be active physically, spiritually and socially, which can offset chronic illness, disability and isolation.”

To be able to age in place and receive the benefits daily contact with nature will give you, it is important to begin planning on how your space can grow and adapt with you. 

Our natural permaculture design systems will provide the maximum benefits of daily contact with nature while reducing the amount of time and energy required on your part over time. Have you ever noticed how a small plot of land or edge of a meadow possesses stunning beauty, scents, berries, or flowers, yet requires no maintenance at all? That is because natural systems self-regulate and sustain themselves naturally as they mature. 

Our permaculture design process brings that same technique to your space – whatever its size or characteristics.

As you plan for your wellbeing in later years, finances shouldn’t be the only dimension in planning for your future. Planning to age in place by designing your surroundings to provide a restorative natural environment will ensure years of increased independence, productivity, and a happy, active future.

We’d love to talk more about how you can have a healthy future with daily access to nature.

age in place with permaculture